The following topics highlight the hidden cost of a traditional traceability application and its impact on your process.

Hardware Cost and Complexity: A traditional traceability application requires expensive hardware. Making things worse the hardware often comes with caveats that require strict discipline to setup and operate in order to acquire the proper results. 

Cycle Time Reduction: In other cases you may consider integrated barcode reading on the fly but this can be costly to your cycle time especially in high volume environments and in some cases your equipment may not support this.

Changeover Time and Utilization: More hardware requires more attention and the opportunity for failure. It also means that your operators not only need to worry about keeping your machines running, they need to tend to error recoveries related to bad barcode reads or improper hardware setup.

Response Time: More data points means more data and more data means more overhead, more resources and slower response times when it comes to identifying failures and conducting recalls.

CheckSumTrace can eliminate these problems and provide a solution that simplifies and consolidates traceability data collection for every product you build. CheckSumTrace conforms seamlessly to your existing process making traceability data collection standard for any product you build without the high cost and complexity of adding expensive hardware.

Contact Imperative Solutions to learn more about how CheckSumTrace can standardize, simplify and reduce the cost of traceability for you and your customers.

Traceability is critical to your manufacturing process, if you don’t track what you build you can’t minimize the impact of a costly mistake made by you or your vendors, not having traceability on your production line can be a liability. The problem is the cost of traceability does not stop at its implementation it also carries a cost of ownership on a reoccurring basis each time you change from one product build to another. Imperative Solutions is pleased to introduce CheckSumTrace. CheckSumTrace is a cost effective solution for customers who wish to have traceability on any line without the need for expensive, high maintenance hardware throughout your process.

CheckSumTrace allows customers to incorporate product traceability on their SMT lines without the high cost and complexity of adding additional hardware. It integrates seamlessly into your existing process so there is no change in operation or time lost during cycle time and changeovers. 


Integrated Traceability Minus Cost & Complexity ​