FastFacts Analytics helps customers realize and improve how much time they spend on each operation in their changeover and production process. It provides instant visibility over the progress on your SMT lines and is made available to any support group over the company domain making it a one stop shop for performance monitoring and information sharing

Building good business intelligence from the data you collect is the key to improving your manufacturing operations.

Do your analytics describe how well you’re manufacturing operations are performing? 

Do you have a detailed breakdown of your performance for each step in your SMT process?

FastFacts Analytics patent pending data normalization process was designed to help you measure and act on these objectives. In order for you to improve your procedures and efficiency you need no-nonsense analytics without delay for every step in your process.

Give your team the tools to target the metrics that matter
Other reporting solutions do a good job with reporting equipment KPI’s like utilization and pick performance but does this really highlight your biggest opportunities for improvement? Machines are very repeatable so the information you collect from them is often predictable but do you really know what kind of performance you can expect from your manufacturing operations and procedures? Its your People, your Products and your Processes that set you apart from everyone else. Does your support staff have the right tools to make improvements in these areas? 

FastFacts Analytics



FastFacts Analytics introduces a different approach to reporting that directly involves your operations, engineering and management teams. FastFacts allows you to measure the effectiveness of your People, your Products and your Processes  thus allowing you to gauge your performance in these areas so you can make obvious adjustments related to things like manpower, product design requirements and procedures. Understanding the effectivity of your manufacturing operations is critical to planning and improving your quality, utilization and capacity. The FastFacts productivity scorecard is like having a full time process audit that gives you the tools to refine your procedures so you can maximize your returns and stay competitive.

FastFacts supports browser based dashboard content and can be made available to your company domain and/or manufacturing network.

FastFacts Analytics currently supports SPI, SMT and AOI machines, contact Imperative Solutions for more details.