• Process Analysis and Requirements Gathering
  • Specification Development
  • Application Design and Software Selection
  • SW Development
  • Equipment Service and Repair
  • CAD Translation and Line Balancing 

  • Documentation and Training​

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Proven Manufacturing Experience and MES Implementation

Building solutions for manufacturing requires hands on experience and a detailed understanding of each step in your process. The simplest activities like barcode labeling, offline setup, production data management and more require real world experience in order to avoid common mistakes that can lead to downtime and bad product builds.

Manufacturing Services and Solutions Development

Imperative Solutions 30+ years of experience in the industry evolves largely around MES integration, process improvements and integration with 3rd party vendors. Imperative Solutions is not just another MES partner, we have over 14 years of experience as an MES customer and in-house development in the PCB contract manufacturing business. We understand the importance of making the best SW vendor selection and the impact of making changes to your existing processes.

If you're in the market for new MES solutions, or need help improving your existing processes, let Imperative Solutions years of experience help you plan for the best outcome.