Online Reporting and Data Availability
The production data warehouse was developed on Microsoft’s SQL Server platform. The data warehouse application utilizes Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services to provide web based traceability reports on-demand across your network. Your traceability data serves little purpose if you lack the right tools to access it when you really need it.
The production data warehouse optimizes your shop floor  data for long term online accessibility making it available to the people in your support groups whenever they need it.

Imperative Solutions Production Data Warehouse supports Universal Instruments Line Manager circuit level traceability option for automated data management and online traceability reporting. Other vendor support including SPI and AOI machines are available using Imperative Solutions FastFacts Analytics product.

The Production Data Warehouse

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The One Stop Shop for Extendable Shop Floor Data Management
Are you using your shop floor data to its fullest potential?
The Production Data Warehouse is a one stop shop for your manufacturing data. It was designed to normalize the data you collect by reducing its footprint and improving the performance of data accessibility and reporting. Its an ideal solution for heterogeneous shop floor data collection and a good platform for multifaceted data integration with 3rd party applications like ERP, MES and artificial intelligence.

Centralized Management and Data Security
Collecting traceability for every machine, product and part you place is Big Data for manufacturing. In some cases your manufacturing data is scattered about the shop floor making it extremely difficult and time consuming to ascertain when you need it.
It’s critical that you have a plan to manage this information in order to minimize your total cost of ownership. The production data warehouse was designed to help customers automate, maintain and make better use of their manufacturing data. The information is optimized for quick access and normalized in one location to minimize maintenance and data storage requirements.
If you don’t have a plan to store and maintain the valuable information you’re collecting then these assets can quickly turn into liabilities costing you valuable downtime and the potential for data loss.