Production Data Warehousing:

Maximizing the efficiency of your manufacturing operations is a continuous challenge. It’s critical to have the right tools to assess your performance in order to make adjustments on the fly. A common problem with multifaceted data collection is that data is collected independently and spread out over your production floor. These fragmented data islands make the data management process incredibly difficult to maintain and often result in downtime or data loss attributed to data mismanagement. The Production Data Warehouse is a one stop shop for your shop floor data that will reduce your total cost of ownership and free up resources by incorporating centralized data storage and automated data management. It also serves as an invaluable one stop shop for integration with 3rd party applications like MES, ERP and artificial intelligence.

Operations Management Reporting (FastFacts Analytics):
Having a plan to secure and manage your data is a good place to start, now you need a plan to utilize this information to your advantage. FastFacts Analytics provides visibility to your shop floor operations, it not only gathers information from a wide range of data sources it transforms your production data into intelligent analytics that assist you in lowering the cost of manufacturing. FastFacts was designed for your operation management team. It provides up to date progress of your manufacturing operations over a browser-based connection at your fingertips in a moment’s notice. It’s like having a real-time applications engineer and statistician that breaks down and analyzes utilization time for every step in your process whenever you need it.


Traceability has become a common requirement for almost every industry segment. Incorporating it on every line and product you build is often very expensive, time consuming and a burden on your process. Imperative Solutions CheckSumTrace allows you to standardize traceability data collection for your production lines without the cost and complexity of a  traditional traceability application.

Imperative Solutions has over 30 years experience in contract manufacturing, IT integration and automated electronics assembly. Allow our experience to help you and your support groups take full control of your shop floor data collection and utilization.

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